About Arris

ArrisTechnologies began as a staffing company in 2012 and is well known today as one of the more seasoned recruitment services company based out of Bangalore, India. The company has expanded into multiple divisions to offer a full suite of workforce solutions to clients.ArrisTechnologies Specializes in high-end recruitment from junior / mid to senior levels and executive positions for numerous sectors in IT / Non IT and ITES industries. Few major sectors that we are serving in Non IT industries are Retail, Engineering, Construction, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology etc.

Our History

Arris laid its foundation of excellence in the recruitment arena close to 2 decades ago. Known for providing the best staffing experience and taking great care of their clients and employees, Arris grew in strength and success Read More...

The Present

Arris’ upgraded client-centric model provides focus, commitment and a dedicated team to help clients achieve their business objectives. For consultants and employees, Arris offers an enriching experience that promotes career Read More...

What's Next

In its initiative to create a better world for clients, employees and stakeholders, Arris has initiated diversity training, co-mentoring, succession management and leadership development. The company seeks to play a Read More...






Arvind leads a strong and vibrant network of staffing teams that deliver tailor-made, strategic workforce solutions to meet the business objectives of today’s leading companies. Under Arvind’s tutelage, Arris has grown exponentially! Arvind has over 2 decades of work experience under his belt, garnered from working with MNCs and technology firms.


Rekha D P

Director - HR & Client Relations

Rekha’s experience in HR, while handling global and domestic recruitment markets ensures a firm understanding of the staffing and workforce solutions industry. Arris has been her helm for initiating numerous innovations within the industry. These innovations have dramatically improved cost effectiveness, service quality, business..


Anil K C

Director - Client Acquisition & Management

Anil K C specializes in Software Development, Stake Holder Management, Customer Engagement and Consulting Services. He has experience serving Banks, Financial Institutions; Technology Service Industries which are large and small, domestic and global. He has held positions of increasing responsibility in various areas – from customer service..


“To create continuous value for our employees, clients and stakeholders, through our journey of meeting global standards of excellence and innovation.” Here’s how we hope to do it:

  • Build a profitable and growing venture that exceeds the expectations and aspirations of stakeholders.
  • Inspire confidence through exceptional levels of product and service quality with outstanding customer service.
  • Uphold the trust and confidence of our employees, clients and stakeholders, at all times.

Our vision is to be a dynamic business group that is passionate about the standard of living of the general populace while providing excellent returns to all our stakeholders. We wish to:

  • Excel in serving our customers and stakeholders in diverse industries and markets.
  • Build services and products that support growth at all levels.
  • Achieve customer satisfaction through the effective use of our assets, manpower performance and investments.
  • Expand ethically and organically through sustained growth, acquisitions and partnerships.